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Chet L

6 years with Michelle

I have been training with Michelle for 6 years. I initially began working with Michelle to achieve a fitness goal of completing an Olympic distance triathlon which has evolved into a passion for the sport and Michelle has been there every step of the way helping me achieve my goals. Our weekly strength sessions improved my overall fitness substantially while pool sessions created a dramatic increase in my swim times. I credit crossing the finish line of Ironman Wisconsin to Michelle's weekly encouragement and training plan! Michelle's personal triathlon achievements are even more motivation for me to continue to improve as well.

Notable Highlights:

  • 5 min PR each year at Naperville Sprint triathlon

  • 30 min PR (from 2018-2019) for Half-Iron Distance  

  • First Ironman completed (Wisconsin)


Hope R

5 years with Michelle

I started working with Michelle to improve my swim technique as a part of a goal to complete a sprint distance triathlon. After seeing huge improvements in the water, I started training with her outside of the pool as well. Michelle has since coached me through my first 70.3, my first marathon, and has helped me achieve several big PRs in sprint distance triathlon as well as running. Michelle’s workouts are awesome, but the best part of working with Michelle is that she sees potential in me that I can’t always see in myself, and her workouts and support have pushed me to achieve things I never thought possible! After 3 years of training with Michelle, I’ve seen huge gains in my speed and strength, but also my confidence in my abilities.

Notable Highlights:

  • Completed first ever Half-Ironman (Steelhead)

  • Completed first ever marathon (Chicago)

  •  16 min PR (from 2017-2018) for Chicago Triathlon

  • 6 min PR (from 2018-2019) for Naperville Sprint Triathlon Triathlon

  • Qualified for USAT sprint-distance age group nationals (2019)

  • 2 min PR (from 2018-2019) for Shamrock Shuffle 8k


Kyle D

4 years with Michelle

I initially started working with Michelle because I wanted to improve my marathon time and the results were immediate.  I've run 2 marathons while being coached by Michelle and I PR'd in both of them and have no doubt that I will continue to improve with the methods that Michelle uses.  Throughout my running career I've had multiple coaches and my time with Michelle has far exceed all of my previous experiences.   She goes above and beyond getting you ready for your races/events.  She'll make sure your nutrition plan is vetted and tested.  She'll put you through a sweat test so will know the amount of fluids/electrolytes you'll need be taking during a race.  She'll get you mentally prepared for your race so you are able to react to anything thrown your way during race day.  The training program you receive is completely customized for you as an individual and not some "cookie cutter" program like you will find in other places.  The time and attention to detail that are put into the training programs is very apparent.  To put it simply, when you hire Michelle as a coach,

you are getting the complete package.  If you're looking to improve in all aspects when it comes to endurance sports, then Michelle is the coach for you!

Notable Highlights:

  • PR at Rock 'N Roll Marathon New Orleans

  • PR at Mustache Marathon 2020


Matt S

7 years with Michelle

Michelle is amazing! I started training with Michelle 7 years ago. Over that time, I was able to lose 40lbs of fat and gain 25lbs of muscle. More importantly, I feel better! More energy, more mobility, and I feel great. Michelle has the talent to calibrate her programming to where you are at and your unique goals.

Notable Highlights:

  • Lost 40lbs and gained 25lbs of muscle

  • Co-winner of the Goo Games (intra-client competition of various strength and athletic challenges)


Megan S

5 years with Michelle

I arrived in the US looking for a trainer that had competition experience and could vary programs according to how I was feeling.  Connecting with Michelle not only met these needs and.... following her personalized programs I was able to continue to improve my fitness so much that I smashed my goals (best example and favorite memory NY marathon under 4hrs), she became a great friend and supportive coach, traveling to see me compete, organizing mini competitions between clients, game nights and so much more.  She gets me and I trust her direction.

Notable Highlights:

  • Double-digit PR for 26.2 at New York City Marathon 2019

  • PR for 8k at Shamrock Shuffle

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